PLEASE NOTE: Turn around time is now between 7-10 working days. Thank you for your patience!


Ever wanted to feature in your own custom collage?


Need a social media profile picture that stands out?


Want to upgrade your podcast artwork? Or go that extra mile over on your blog?


Maybe you just want something to look at that’s going to make you smile or be a part of an alternative dreamscape, just for a while.


Be Your Own Collage has your back. 


Be Your Own Collage is a two-week digital pop-up shop which will see collage artist, Esme Rose Marsh wave her magic wand to bring you the artwork of your dreams. 


All you need to do is:

  • Choose which colour you’d most like your collage to feature
  • Press ‘purchase ticket’
  • Email a photograph of yourself or your loved one to


Once Esme has received your photograph, she will get to work on your original collage and send it back to you within 5-working days.


Collage details:


Size: Square

Format: JPEG (high and low res)


Please note: edits won’t be available upon receiving your artwork — this is a ‘lucky-dip’ style ticket. If you would like to work with Esme on a bespoke commission or to a specific brief, send her an email for a quote.  


Make sure you get your order in before the pop-up closes on 25th May!

Be Your Own Collage


    For commissions, inquiries and everything else in between, contact Esme at

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