Bundle of Hook Magazine's The Earth Issue (2018) & The Goddess Issue (2018)


The Earth Issue...

From the climate ramifications of choosing motherhood to a deep dive into the ethics of crystal healing, The Earth Issue is an 84-page exploration of what it means to change your world to change the world. If you've ever felt lost, unsure or depleted by the realities of modern-day existence, The Earth Issue was created to help lead you back to your purpose. Featuring guidance from writers Alya Mooro and Meg Fee, healers Alex March and Tamara Driessen, plus much much more. 


The Goddess Issue...

The traditional Goddess archetype provokes a certain ideology about what it means to be a woman. One who has to look and behave a certain way, conforming to notions that suppress our divine wild feminine. The Goddess Issue (2018) redefines what it means to be a modern-day Goddess by exploring themes of beauty, sexuality and femininity. Featuring insight from self-love queens Gala Darling, Mel Wells, Vanessa Cuccia and more.  76-pages.


About the author...

Hook Magazine is the brainchild of writer and artist, Esme Rose Marsh. Interviews, articles, poetry and more are interwoven between collages on every page; Hook is unlike any magazine you have come across.  


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Hook Magazine: Earth Goddess Bundle