Do you have a well thought through idea for a print magazine? Maybe you’ve already got a whole publication conceptualised in your mind. Be that on a subject that invigorates your creativity or one that would complement your existing brand. What you do know, is you’d love to be able to actually make the thing: to showcase your talent, to voice your message and to be the permission you need to let your work be seen by the world.


But the thing that’s holding you back — the reason you haven’t yet made this dream a reality, is that you don’t know where to begin technically putting it all together. You haven’t quite figured out how to make your ideas look as great on paper as they look in your mind. Or how to even begin navigating InDesign — the editorial designer’s best friend.


I believe I can help. I believe you don’t need to be a trained graphic designer or have any prior skill or training in Adobe software to master the art needed to layout and design a compelling publication that compliments and strengthens your magazine’s message.


I want to share with you what I know and have learned about designing a magazine. I would like to help you develop a skill so transferable in the modern economy of visual media, that you’ll go forwards confident in your ability to curate creative projects into myriad forms. Publish Your Own Magazine: The Look; Layout, Design & Style is a 44-page digital workbook designed to help you design a print magazine that deserves to exist in the world.


Alongside hearing words of wisdom and advice from the editors of Akin, BRIGHT Zine, Cacao, Cosmopolitian, Foundry and Road Grays Magazine, in this 44-page workbook I cover...


  • The Fundamental Principles of InDesign and other graphic design tools that are vital to the craftsmanship of putting together a magazine yourself: how to set up a document, use grids, columns and margins.

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Font and Typography: how to make your words not only seen but easily read and well remembered. From pull quotes to paragraphing for print. 

  • How to Create a Unique Design Aesthetic that is coherent with your content and to choose and use images that align with your story and overall complement your magazine’s mission.

  • What Exactly Goes on the Cover and how to make yours stand out. You may not judge a book by its cover but you certainly do judge a magazine by it’s cover. 

  • How to Source Photography on a budget and understanding copyrighted material.

  • The value of Using Different Art Mediums and Design Styles: photography, illustration, analogue art etc.

  • How to Decide the Format of your Magazine and Utilise Space: everything from deciding the size of your publication to how many spreads should your content cover.

  • Checklist of the Anatomy of your publication.

  • An Interview with Jessica Lockett, Art Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine



This workbook is for you if…


  • You have an idea / the content for your publication but don’t know how to start creating its editorial design or laying out its content.
  • You want to learn the vital and fundamental skills of InDesign for editorial.
  • You are interested in pursuing a role as an art director/designer for a print magazine but want to feel more confident in your skills and knowledge before you do.
  • You want ideas and inspiration for compelling visual storytelling.
  • You already run a print publication but are interested in changing up its current layout or advancing your skills.
  • You want to learn how to use new software and master a new skill.


Meet the author...


Esme Rose Marsh is the self-taught founder and editor of independent print publication Hook Magazine. Rising from the ashes of dissatisfaction for the current censorship, attitude and landscape of traditional press, Esme knew she couldn’t sit back and wait for things to change. She couldn’t not get to work and create the magazine she knew to be deep inside of her, waiting to be unleashed. With no prior knowledge or training of the software needed to put together a publication nor the contacts to kickstart her magazine’s visibility in the world, Esme had an idea she believed in and she knew that was enough. 


Today Esme is a freelance artist, graphic designer for print magazines and a magazine consultant working to help creatives establish their own publications or already-existing magazines take the next step. Previous consultancy clients of Esme’s have included the Midlands Arts Council, Restless Magazine, Foundry Magazine, Cove Magazine, Yolklore Magazine and Club Lovesick Magazine. To find out more about working with Esme 1:1, you can visit her website at


N.B. This is a digital PDF file that needs to be downloaded within 30 days of purchase. 


I can't wait to see your magazine come to life!

Publish Your Own Magazine Workbook: The Look

  • The workbook comes as a PDF. 

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